China Sand Stone Industry Has Entered Into Gold Time

China Sand Stone Industry Has Entered Into Gold Time by The Recovery of Railway Infrastructure
According to the statics released by China Ministry of Railways, the railway construction investment hits a new high in May. It is obviously that the rail-based input in the construction are quietly recovered, and this shows that the upstream aggregate production industry will follow to enter the golden period of development for this year’s railway construction. Sheng Guangzu, minister of China Railways Ministry said: “It is necessary to keep the impetus of speeding the development of railway construction, no matter to strengthen the capacity of railway transport ,in order to reach the goal of the five-year plan. The fixed assets of railway investment in 2012 are of 500 billion yuan, among which, infrastructure construction investment is of 400 billion yuan and new line put into operation 6366 km.” The huge investment in railway construction offers great opportunity and also challenge for the sandstone industry.

Whether enterprises can seize this chance will concerns a lot about its long-term development. Due to the slowdown of global economic, from August 2011, China economic development has repeatedly decreased. Ministry of Railways has delayed many proposed high-speed rail project originally planned to be delivered this year. This makes manufacture market major on gravel aggregate fall into a serious recession, thus make the gravel production equipment industry been badly hit. The recovery of railway construction gives sand industry a great chance to win the market again.

Lu Hong Bo, a senior engineer of DSMAC Group, vice-president of China Gravel Association and China Foundry Association said, “From the long-term perspective of the development of railway construction, natural sand will be in huge need and sand manufacture should insist on improving their technology and updating their equipment to adapt themselves to the instable market. And DSMAC will always adhere to science and technology innovation, and made contribution to the sand related industry.” “Traditional sand production equipment no longer meets the demand of modern mining operations development. As leader of sandstone production equipment manufacturer and supplier, we will continue develop our R&D ability and adhere innovation and improving technology content and research and produce energy-saving, high efficiency sandstone production equipment, such as sand making machine, impact crusher, feeding machine, etc. DSMAC will make its effort to do something for the advance of the sandstone related industry. “Mr Bai, engineer of DSMAC technology assistant department said.